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Issue 193, August 17, 2009
In the news
Cataclysm is the name of the next expansion pack to World of Warcraft and mid-week, some details were leaked. They include two new races (Worgen and Goblins), a new level cap, new class/race combination options, and new areas.

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Jeff Strain, the President of Product Development at NCSoft West and one of the founders of ArenaNet, has left the North American arm of the Korean publisher just prior to Aion's much anticipated launch. President of Publishing David Reid also departed. broke this story on Tuesday.

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Ready for another Open Beta? Fallen Earth, the post-apocalyptic MMO from Icarus Studios hit that milestone on Monday, August 17th. Anyone is free to grab some keys and get involved with the game prior to its launch.

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Star Wars Galaxies: Re-Review's Chris Higgins has taken on a touchy subject in our community: Star Wars Galaxies. Full of bravery, Higgins offered the game a 6.8 overall score in this new re-review:

"Love it or hate it, Star Wars Galaxies is still up and running after six years with a loyal following. The game itself has morphed into a completely different game than when it was first launched in June 2003. In fact, it is safe to say, SWG is an almost completely different game from when the NGE was pushed to it in November 2005. If you are new to Galaxies and thinking about trying it, you will hear tales from many disenchanted players about updates that broke the game. I guess you can't log into this game without a quick history lesson."

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Massey: Why Not A Survival MMO?
In this week's edition of "Dana Massey Asks Why Not?" he looked at another much sought after, but never tried game concept: the survival horror MMO. Ready to have your brain sucked by zombies? Massey looks at how it could be done:

"The idea behind this system is that while everyone would need some combat skills to survive day to day, larger groups would value the non-combat roles as they try and carve out something more permanent."

Games like Left4Dead largely ignore half of the genre. That game is the ten minutes at the end where the group goes on a rampage. The first half of the movie is largely about waiting around, fear, group dynamics and learning. Players might enjoy slaughtering zombies, but by definition, they're an overwhelming tide. The whole point of the MMO would not be to wipe out the zombies, but to create a safe place for you and those you trust to live, grow and, of course, kill zombies."

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This week, Dark Age of Camelot announced that two more of the game's expansions would now be totally free!

Part of their Come Back To Camelot campaign, which also gives returning subscribers an extra 10 days free, Mythic has made Labyrinth of the Minotaur and Darkness Rising part of the core game.

Dark Age of Camelot launched in 2001 and is one of the early success stories of the industry. Mythic pioneered "Realm vs. Realm" combat with this game, which pits distinct groups of players against each other in an endless war endgame. That has now become a staple of many modern MMOs.

Set just after the end of the traditional Arthurian Legends, players join either Albion (Britain/Camelot), Hybernia (Irish lore) or Midgard (Norse myth). The three sides operate independently, save when they're killing each other.

The game smartly blended history, legend and mythology of these three cultures into a unique game world and experience.

In recent years, with the launch of Warhammer Online and acquisition by EA, Mythic has clearly focused on other projects, but DAoC remains a solid, fun and rich game. It's well worth the time of a returning veteran or someone looking to discover a piece of MMO history.

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New General Gaming Forums
We now have a place for fans of MMOs to talk about the non-MMOs that really get them going. A much requested feature, now we have it. Enjoy the "General Gaming Forum."
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