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.Issue 348, August 13, 2012
Top News of the Week:
Blizzard has announced that certain pieces of users' information has been compromised due to a hacking incident.

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En Masse Entertainment, the folks behind TERA in the West, are reporting that the studio has been hit by a round of layoffs.

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It's official! The popular zombie survival mod, DayZ, is set to become its own standalone game.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine: Review
In our latest review, we put Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine through its paces to see how it stacks up. See what we discovered in our exclusive review.

Released in 2007, Imagine is set in Japan in an alternate future where a war between humans and demons has decimated civilization. Imagine puts players in control of "DBs" or Demon Busters, who are skilled in the use of swords, sorcery and guns. In addition to these weapons, DBs are also trained in the use of arm mounted computers to summon and control demons to assist them in combat. Using these skills, players complete quests and make their way through the acts that make up the storyline of Imagine. Imagine shares a lot of aspects with single player entries in the series and fans of previous Shin Megami Tensei games will find many familiar aspects to enjoy. Those new to the series who try Imagine will find a MMO that, while visually and technically dated, contains a deep leveling system, an interesting setting and an army of demons waiting to be collected.

You can read the full article here.

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Guild Wars 2: On Launch and What's to Come
Guild Wars 2 is one of those games that is already legendary before it's even released and we're getting very close to that most awesome of days. We had the chance to chat with Game Designer Mike Zadorojny about launch and what the future might hold as well.

We had the chance to talk with Mike Zadorojny (Game Designer) from ArenaNet about the final weeks of Guild Wars 2 development before launch. Mike had some amazing things to say about the philosophy at ArenaNet going into the launch as well as some of his favorite game mechanics. We also addressed how Guild Wars 2 is shaping up to change the MMO market and the style of games we play online. Make no mistake, Guild Wars 2 is very much a sandbox MMORPG in many respects, while still focusing on dev-created content at its core. So lets go through some of the elements that Mike "Z" talked about and best of all get psyched for the launch fo Guild Wars 2, and also a tidbit of info on what might be coming to the game soon after launch!

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Game of the Week
WildStar is a sci-fi MMORPG developed by Carbine Studios. The game features a vibrant cartoony art style and places players on the planet of Nexus as one of three classes announced so far (Soldiers, Espers, and Spellslingers) each with unique gameplay mechanics along with a "Momentum" focused combat system that encourages players to kill things often and quickly. Outside of the game's visual style, WildStar's distinct gameplay paths are what's stirring up all the buzz surrounding the game.

Players can play the game pursuing combat oriented goals typical to most MMOs, or they can even opt towards a fully-functional path of exploration, where advancement is achieved via exploration of the unusual planet of Nexus. Not much else is known about the game at this time, but it's certainly a game we are keeping a close eye on here at

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This Week
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Michael Bitton: Two 'Failures' and the Sandbox Revival

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DUST 514: David Reid Speaks Out

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Forge: Face-Punchingly Good PvP
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