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Issue 192, August 10, 2009
In the news
The details have begun to trickle out. SquareEnix did a massive update to their official website and revealed a host of new details on Final Fantasy XIV, their upcoming MMO. Earlier in the week, they made some other news too.

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Version 3.2 of World of Warcraft launched last week. To note the "Call of the Crusade" patch, Blizzard released a little trailer. The update includes a new dungeon and a new battleground.

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Dungeon and Dragons Online's transition to free-to-play is going to take a bit longer than Turbine had thought. Based on testing feedback, the Boston-based company has opted to push back the launch by a month, to September 9th.

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Full Comic Con Coverage
Our own Carolyn Koh was on site in San Diego for all the Comic Con madness and came back with a slew of new articles for you to enjoy. Here are some highlights:More BLANK can be found on our site here.
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The List: Five MMO Blunders
MMOs can often do as much wrong as they do right. In last week's List, Managing Editor Jon Wood counted down his favorite recent MMO Blunders. Check out this blurb from the list, then click through to get them all:

"During what is generally the stressful and complicated process of developing and maintaining an MMORPG, certain mistakes are made. Most of those mistakes are minor, and generally escape the notice of most everyone following the industry, but some of them stand out like a sore thumb and end up getting highlighted in some journalist's top five list."

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When Jeff Anderson left as the CEO of Turbine, he needed to try something new. His new company is doing just that with a casual, free-to-play online American football game called QuickHit Football.

This game takes a sport that the North American market knows and loves, and puts it out there as a free-to-play online game.

Each user is the head coach of their own custom team and must test their ability to call plays and define a good roster against other people in real-time.

This is not a Madden clone. Players are the coach, and while they watch the plays in real-time, they do not actually control the individual on-screen characters. Like any good coach, they prepare the club, then let them go.

Due out, hopefully for the start of the NFL season, QuickHit Football brings many elements that MMO fans are familiar with into a far more mainstream area. This is just one of many games that seeks to broaden the MMO business model and show it to new eyes.

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Learn more about QuickHit Football here, or check out our game list here.
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