Issue 450
August 1st, 2014
For those who have yet to experience Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, this is the time to do it now that a two-week trial period has been announced. During the trial subscription, players can play to the max level of 20 but will have certain game restrictions.
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WildStar players can now log into the game to check out the latest update called 'Sabotage'. This update is specifically centered on PvP action and includes the new Daggerstone Pass battleground and also includes significant changes to the overall PvP experience.
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We reviewed Firefall initially when it launched into Open Beta last year. The reasoning was pretty simple: it wasn't a finished game, but it was open to all comers and was taking player money. Along with that, there were no more progress wipes happening on player accounts. For all intents and purposes, Firefall "launched" in 2013. But a lot has happened at developer Red5 since then, and much more has changed with Firefall the game since the departure of former CEO Mark Kern. For those reasons, we're re-reviewing Firefall over the next couple of weeks to paint a more accurate picture of where the game stands today.
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Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Neverwinter is headed to the XBox One console in early 2015 in both North America and the European Union. Neverwinter marks the first free to play title brought to consoles by PWE and Cryptic Studios.
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WildStar's honeymoon period is over. The shiny newness and novelty has worn off, as players have grown used to Carbine's take on the MMO. Genre tourists have moved on, like nomadic versions of Statler and Waldorf. The population of Nexus is definitely changing, from a plucky band of explorers to those who want to make the game their home.
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APB Reloaded is an action MMOG title re-developed by Reloaded Productions and GamersFirst. APB is set in the modern day and features cops-and-robbers style gameplay. Players create their own avatar using an extremely robust character creation system being developed for the game, as well as choose from two different factions, the Enforcers or the Criminals. The city or cities in which the game takes place are contested 24 hours a day as players shoot it out to vie for control of the area. Players may also take advantage of a robust set of customization tools, to configure their avatar, clothing, crests, and even cars to their liking.
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