Issue 565
April 9th, 2017
Funcom has amazing news for Conan Exiles who have been wanting to plumb the depths of the world. With today's update, The Dregs dungeon has arrived. As all good delvers know, no dungeon worth its salt comes without phat lewt! In this regard, Funcom aims to please.
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Next week is shaping up to be a big one for Black Desert Online players and fans. The Dark Knight will get her Awakening next week and Pearl Abyss will be on hand on April 8th to announce new content for Black Desert Online!
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I'll start right off - this list is going to ruffle feathers. But also, if you actually read this far before getting angry with me, note - I am guilty of each of these five things myself. The MMO Genre is in the middle of the awkward teenage years (even if it's closer to drinking age). At this time in our favorite pastime's life, it's natural to be brazen d*ckheads bickering with anyone and everyone about every little thing we think is important or righteous.
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Gazillion Entertainment has announced that Marvel Heroes is coming to PlayStation 4 later this Spring. The PS4 version even gets its own special name, "Omega".
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I love battle royale style games. Where players are let loose in an environment to their own strategies, where the only objective is to be the last man standing. Or the group of doubles, or a full squad left standing. But for me, I enjoy these sort of games the most when I'm on my own with the odds stacked against me. I play for blood (virtual although it may be). My latest addiction is the Steam Early Access title PLAYERUNKOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.
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Stellar Overload is an open world RPG. Taking place in first person, the game centers around building and exploration in the open, sandbox 3D world. The voxel-based gameplay is designed to maximize players' choice and ability to create the world around them.This is also reflected in character creation and the ability to pick up multiple new skills.

Explore the world to uncover some of the mysterious origin of the planet. Build a ship to explore beyond it. There is a main storyline to follow that will introduce players to new NPCs as well as dungeons and places to explore.The project was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign in 2014.

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