Issue 568
April 30th, 2017
If you're wondering if your system is up to the task of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, you need wonder no longer. The official site has been updated with a benchmark page with a special tool to download and run to see if things will be ready to go come launch day in June.
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When Guild Wars 2 Flashpoint, the next chapter in the Living Story, launches on May 2nd, raiders will be able to score some unique Legendary armor. These special pieces will have a unique look and animation and come complete with rune slots.
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One thing that's always bugged me about MMOs is that death is rarely final, with resurrection a button press away. Skyforge, the sci-fi fantasy from Allods, has an explanation for it: your character is immortal. Unfortunately, the life of a proto-god isn't easy, especially when you must cultivate a flock of faithful believers to fuel your growing power.
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Visionary Realms has announced that it has secured a round of Series A funding, indicating that preferred stock has been sold for investment purposes. The additional funding means that the team can expand across nearly every department. In addition, Pantheon will soon be able to begin inviting testers and focus groups in to try a pre-alpha version of the game.
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For years since launch, the island of Vvardenfell has sat on the Tamriel map in Elder Scrolls Online... taunting me, blank as the digital parchment it was drawn upon once was. But no more. Thought I traveled down to Maryland to see the official unveiling of the new ESO chapter, we didn't get any time to actually play the new Warden class or the new zone. Now I can safely say that if you love ESO, Morrowind is set to give you heaps more of the game you adore.
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Wings of Destiny is a free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG from IGG. The game features an immersive story based on the battle between Heaven and Hell, with players restoring balance to the world of Galensya in between. Wings of Destiny offers traditional features like quests and guilds with a new emphasis on social collaboration, and allows players to take on dungeons, events, world bosses, PvP combat, and much more.

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