Issue 567
April 23rd, 2017
The flames of controversy are swirling around the Elder Scrolls Online forums thanks to today's release of the Morrowind PTS patch notes. Of particular concern to many players are the large changes being made to resource management and the effect it will have on some classes. Developers argue that resource management has become "trivial" and that certain classes have "nearly infinite sustainability while still being fully maximized for damage".
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May 5th is just around the corner and the Darkfall: Rise of Agon folks want to get fans and players pumped for the big day. To do so, a new launch trailer has been released, as well as a detailed look at changes coming to DF:RoA for the May 5th launch.
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MMO games have been made in many settings. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or even Superhero they have all been launched and made money. It is a huge shame that the Horror genre of game has never seen a solid MMO on the market. For years, CCP held the rights to World of Darkness and it looked like we'd get a vast game of werewolves, mages, and most of all vampires. However, that project ended and now we are left with next to nothing in terms of horror for MMOs.
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Marvel Heroes Omega, the PlayStation 4 version of Marvel Heroes 2016, has started closed beta testing as of today. Closed beta testing will run from today through May 15th. In addition, Gazillion revealed "drop-in, two-player, couch co-op. It will also be part of the closed beta experience.
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Game Update 5.2: The War for Iokath is the second major update to be released this year for Star Wars: The Old Republic and it's one of the most significant updates to be released for the game in some time.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic is a premier MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts set in the Star Wars universe. Set a thousand years before the tale told in the movies, players choose to join the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire as a time of tenuous peace seems about to vanish. Take on the role of many distinguished Star Wars classes, such as Jedi Knight, Smuggler, Sith Warrior, and Bounty Hunter, and forge your own path with either the light or dark side of the Force. Search for adventure and excitement throughout a game galaxy more than 30,000 parsecs wide, or as close as the nearest wretched hive of scum and villainy. Is the Force with you?

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