Issue 615
April 23, 2018
The latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLIII is now complete. During the two hour plus event, YoshiP talked at length about the forthcoming Patch 4.3 that will be launching in late May. For those of you without the stamina to watch 2.5 hours of video developer diaries, you can head to the FFXIV forum to check up on the digest with specific time markers for a number of important topics.
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The face of Hearthstone is leaving Blizzard. In a lengthy note on the Hearthstone forums, Brode bids Blizzard goodbye after today and after 15 years with the company, 10 with Hearthstone alone. He does not indicate what his future plans are beyond "to start a new company" that will "probably make games, but we haven't figured anything else out yet". He goes into great detail to thank his team and the community for all the years they've had together.
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Arcane Waters is an upcoming F2P fantasy sea-faring MMORPG from the one-man studio known as Final Forge. Mike --- has been working on the game, with the help of some freelance artists, composers, and the like for several years now. A hybrid blend of action RPG on water and turn-based combat on land, with classic pixel art, you've probably never seen anything quite like Arcane Waters.
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Conan Exiles has been patched on PC to bring Update 33 on board and is it ever a doozy of a patch. Players can look forward to a number of new features including fast travel, farming and the Purge systems. In addition, combat has been retooled to bring a number of changes including heavy and light attacks, chain attacks, kicks and much more.
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Blizzard promised at PAX East last week that the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth beta would be coming "soon". A week later, we haven't seen any definitive proof that soon means anything more than typical Blizzard-speak. However, the BfA alpha has been getting some updates over the intervening days with some pretty interesting new things. We've looked things over and found five of the most interesting new components of the BfA alpha.
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Arcane Waters is a large, open world where players can create a character, buy a pirate ship, and explore the high seas in search of treasure and glory. Players can team up together to form their own pirate fleets, which will help them survive any sea monsters they encounter on their voyages to distant lands.

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