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.Issue 329, April 2, 2012
Top News of the Week:
Council of Stellar Management Chairman and Goonfleet leader Alex 'The Mittani' Gianturco has announced his resignation from the CSM, following controversial comments made during a panel at this year's EVE Online FanFest.

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Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online becomes Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium as THQ has announced the project will switch over from an MMO to a game with both singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay.

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A new interview with ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien offers some additional insight on the Guild Wars 2 team's philosophy on microtransactions.

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Review: Realm of the Mad God
We've been playing a lot of Realm of the Mad God, a fun game that might be flying under your radar. See why we think this one is worth your time to look into.

While beta began in January 2010, Realm of the Mad God was officially released June 30th, 2011 by Wild Shadow Studios. Calling itself a "Co-Op Fantasy MMO Shooter," the game has done an above-adequate job at classifying itself. Thrust into a world where death is uncommonly unforgiving, the Mad God, Oryx, has intended you to be food for his minions. You must cooperate with other players to battle his minions, defeat guardians, and eventually confront and defeat Oryx himself. Offered through a self-titled website, Steam, and the Google Chrome Web Store, Realm of the Mad God is a top-down shooter, very reminiscent of bullet-hell type games where dodging incoming enemy fire is just as important as dealing out damage. But how does it work as an MMO?

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World of Darkness: Ready When it's Done
During last week's CCP FanFest, the team was ready to unwrap a tiny corner of the World of Darkness, a game that many players are quite interested in.

"Ready when it's done" announces World of Darkness executive producer Chris McDonough - is there honestly a more disappointing statement in the gaming industry? It leaves eager fans in a nether region of excitement and anticipation; cautiously optimistic of a short wait, while also trying to combat that nagging sense that there's another Duke Nukem Forever on the way.

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Game of the Week
This week's Game of the Week is DC Universe Online, the super-powered MMO based on the iconic DC Comics IP. Developed by Sony Online Entertaiment for the PC and PlayStation 3 home console, DC Universe Online allows players to create their own heroes or villains and take to the streets of Metropolis and Gotham City to do good or evil.

In the game, players choose from a number of iconic heroes or villains to serve as their mentor as they work their way up in the world, undertaking action-packed missions that often culminate in stylized motion-comic cinematics and engaging boss fights against some of the DC Universe's most notable characters.

SOE recently released 'Fight for Earth,' the third DLC pack for DC Universe Online. The new pack features the finale of the Brainiac storyline and introduces a brand-new Earth themed powerset to the game.

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