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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 72, April 16th, 2007
In the News

Interplay has sold the rights to the Fallout intellectual property to Bethesda for $5.75 million. Interestingly, Interplay now acts as a licensee of the Fallout IP, and as part of the deal they will be required to begin development of a Fallout MMO within 2 years.

Read the article here.

CCP announced that the Fanfest for 2007 will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland on November 1st to the 3rd. Players can expect to get a look at upcoming advances for EvE as well as some of the other projects CCP is working on. Get ready to hit the ground running with these guys, they have a lot in store for fans.

More on this story here.

Blizzard Announces BlizzCon 2007. The event is expected to take place in Anaheim, California on August 3rd and 4th. It looks like the game conventions continue to start popping up as we get closer to the summer season. You can read up on the event, plus all the panels, contests, goodies, and general WoW craziness here.

Read the article here.

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Review: Scions of Fate

Scions of Fate, the game formerly known as Yulgang: Balance of Power is one of the most played games in Asia. It has won many awards and was recognized as the best MMORPG of the year in Korea. Hoping to reach a broader audience and the same success Mgame recently released a U.S. version.

  • Apparently, in Scions of Fate, you are not allowed to play a character of the opposite sex.
  • In this game nothing will hold you down, or bog you down for that matter.
  • Overall, one has to keep in mind that this game is free to play and free to download.
  • With so many people surrounding me often it would take me ten minutes or so to find a spot to click so that I could move!

You can read the whole review here.

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MMORPG.com and iBuyPower.com have teamed up to bring you an exciting new contest for April 2007! From April 5, 2007 to May 1, 2007 @ 9PM EST we will be accepting entries into a random drawing where we will give away ONE custom painted AMD gaming PC featuring ATI Crossfire technology! All you need to enter is a free MMORPG.com account and to fill out the form below.

Check out the contest here.

MMORPG.com has proudly teamed up with Tales of Pirates to bring you an exciting contest where you can enter for a chance to win an Logitech MX3000 Keyboard/Mouse combo or one of fourty runner up prizes for a Tales of Pirates Point Card worth 200 points! For more information about Tales of Pirates check out the official website or view the gamespace here at MMORPG.com.

Check out the contest here.

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Game of the Week
Game of the week

This week's Game of the Week is Auto Assualt. This week we celebrate the one year anniversary for Auto Assault. The game continues to carry on with new content and experiences for players. Auto Assault allows players to drive around in their vehicles and fight it out in a post-apocalyptic war zone. It is a great experience for fans of driving games that pack a punch.

Auto Assault celebrates the one year anniversary mark and will hopefully have many more years of content to come.

Learn more about Auto Assault, here!
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From the Editor

Last week it was Betas, this week it was Fanfares. It seems like companies are getting back into reaching out to their communities with fan events announced for EvE and World of Warcraft this week. If you have the travel money and vacation time, book these trips early. These conventions get filled up quickly. Also, there are a load of upcoming events this summer that will be attended by MMO companies. Events like GenCon, the San Diego Comic Con, Origins, and the huge Leipzig Event in Germany will all be new spots to check out the latest MMO information. It seems that folks are extending their convention attendence.

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