Issue 614
April 14, 2018
Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate and Design Director Mike Chapman have taken to the airwaves in the latest Inn-side Story. In this episode, the pair take viewers on a journey through upcoming plans for the game in summer 2018 and beyond.
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Conan Exiles has undergone a lot of changes over the course of its Early Access period and a lot of new things are coming just in time for launch on May 8th. To show off what players can expect, Funcom has released a brand new trailer called "Countdown to Launch!"
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During PAX East, the Blizzard team was there in full force promoting the next WoW expansion: Battle for Azeroth. We managed to sit down with Morgan Day and Daniel Stahl to chat about some of the new PVE content and systems being added to the game, primarily the Island Expeditions and the Warfronts. Read on for part two of our exclusive interview with Daniel and Morgan!
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CCP Games has announced the next expansion for EVE Online. Called Into the Abyss, players can look for the new content in May 2018. According to developers, "Into the Abyss adds exciting exploration and survival gameplay in the form of Abyssal Deadspace, a brand new hostile environment filled with hazardous environmental effects and mysterious adversaries, the Triglavian Collective".
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Almost 6 years after its debut, the F2P action combat fantasy MMO Tera, developed by Bluehole Studio and published by En Masse, has now arrived on our consoles, specifically PS4 and XBox One. Two weeks ago we started off in En Masse's "7 day Head Start" program and on April 3rd the game opened up to F2Pers all around the world. We've had a few weeks for the "dust to settle" so the question is how have things changed since our first pre-review, if at all.
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Rend is a faction based hybrid survival game. The game pits 3 factions in a race against each other to be the first faction to collect a set number of souls. The factions must survive and explore the environment in order to wage war against opposing factions and fend off the mysterious Lost Ones.

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