Issue 536
April 22nd, 2016
Zenimax and Bethesda have announced that The Elder Scrolls: Legends strategy card game has entered its closed beta phase of development. Eligible players have been sent notification about the specifics of participation and more will be invited over the coming months. The Legends team will also be on hand at this weekend's PAX East with a demo for attendees to try out.
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The Tree of Savior team has posted a new note on the game's official site to give players information about the recent spike in the prices of Founders' Packs. Players were able to purchase packs in other regions where prices for Founders' Packs are lower, then purchase tokens and resell them on the market for silver thereby giving them an advantage in regions where the prices are not discounted.
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CCP announced Project Nova, a new free-to-play first-person shooter. Currently in development by the Shanghai team behind Dust 514 and Project Legion, this new effort rebuilds that core experience from the ground up. For shooter fans, Project Nova is intended to be an immediately familiar experience.
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Zenimax has released the first information about the next DLC coming to Elder Scrolls Online. While no release date has been announced, we do know that the Dark Brotherhood will be taking center stage in the DLC along with a host of new content focused on the Gold Coast and a new Dark Brotherhood-specific passive skill line, unique costumes, motifs and item sets also inspired by those with a talent for homicide.
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Black Desert Online is the newest darling in the MMORPG industry. Players are eager to learn what's next for the game, and what content they can expect over the coming months to catch the EU/NA client up to the KR one. We chatted with Daum Games EU and Pearl Abyss about just that, and have loads of info to share...
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Winning Putt is a free to play (F2P) online golf MMO from Bandai Namco and Webzen Onnet. Winning Putt delivers immersive gameplay only imaginable in a virtual world. Every rewarding moment of the sport can be experienced as players begin as a novice golfer and build their skill and level up as they continue to advance their golfing career. As players work their way through a variety of courses, their game improves with every stroke, unlocking new skills and earning resources that make it possible to acquire new gear.
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