Issue 434
April 11th, 2014
John Smedley has sent out a letter to give more insight into Sony Online Entertainment's newly-announced zombie MMO, H1Z1. Here it is in its entirety.
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Trion Worlds has sent word that the alpha for ArcheAge has officially kicked off and that the NDA has been lifted. Participants will be allowed to write about their impressions and much more. To celebrate the big occasion, Trion has released a brand new trailer. Check it out!
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Last year at SOE Live the team here at got wind that Sony was working on another black box project that they were not willing to talk about yet in addition to EverQuest Next, and Landmark. Earlier today the internet got confirmation just what that project is. It was announced during an episode of Game Talk Live featuring SOE President John Smedley, their new MMO is H1Z1.
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As the latest entry in the Week of Enormous Patches, the WildStar forum has been updated with the latest and largest patch to be deployed during beta testing. Among the highlights are more difficult creature encounters in the world, a PvP gear balance check and a completely overhauled and revamped user interface.
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The twin stick shooter is a sub-genre that has been a staple of video games since the days when arcade cabinets mercilessly ate quarters. The most iconic incarnation of this deviously simple control scheme is Robotron: 2084. The idea is that one joystick is used to control character movement while the other is used to aim and blast away at repeated onslaughts of attackers. The genre has been somewhat dormant since the demise of the arcade cabinet, but Reality Squared Games has been dipping into the well of ancient game mechanics and blending them with MMO systems to help fill out their library recently.
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Dekaron is a free-to-play extreme fantasy MMORPG from GameHi and Nexon featuring a strong emphasis on PvP as well as more traditional RPG elements such as dungeon sieges and questing. Players are set in Trieste the Immortal Land, a violent Middle Ages-inspired realm of magic and adventure.
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