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Issue 280, April 11, 2011
In the news
This week's Friday Update included an in-depth update on Star Wars: The Old Republic's Advanced Classes.

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Remember all the urban legends and myths you've heard growing up? Well, in Funcom's The Secret World "everything is true."

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Hi-Rez Studios announced plans for their spy-fi MMO shooter Global Agenda to go free-to-play.

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RuneScape: The Re-Review's Adam Tingle has been spending some quality time with Runescape and has some new insights into the game in the official re-review.

RuneScape genuinely surprised me with its game play and what it had to offer. Where my pre-existing notions lent to an attitude that it was somehow beneath the genre because of its browser-based platform, I can hold my hands up and say I was wrong. Jagex Studios have easily created something that stands up head and shoulders above most "free-to-play" games and even triple A titles.

For anyone looking for that "old-school" experience but with also tons of progression, refinement, and unique ideas, RuneScape is easily recommendable. And while many will not be able to get past the graphics or the heavy-grind based nature of the game, it is none the less a solid and gem of the genre - and the best thing is, a lot of it comes for free, so why not check it out?

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TERA: Community Event Play Report
En Masse Entertainment hosted the first TERA Community Play Event in North America this past weekend. It's the first time that most western players have gotten their hands on one of the most widely covered and hotly anticipated games coming out during 2011.'s Suzie Ford has the report.

Visually, TERA is one of the most impressive looking games I've ever played. The environments are awash with pastel colors, flowing waterfalls, waving trees, verdant lawns and creatures galore. There's so much detail in everything you look at as well. Combat visuals are lovely too with lots of colorful effects. Little visual touches are cool too. For instance, when my character jumped off a boulder, she didn't just hit the ground and keep running. She hit the ground, put her hands down to regain her balance, pushed herself up and then ran on. I love things like that!

Blue Hole used an impressive palette of colors for TERA. As said, the beginning areas are pastel and soft. Later, when getting to the Tainted Canyon, the colors are muted with lots of grays and blacks accompanying smoke and a hazy sky. The color scheme and movement of everything seemed to have caused some folks to have bad frame rates while playing. I only noticed lag once or twice in high traffic, high monster areas.

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This Week's Game of the Week is Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Pirates of the Burning Sea is a nautically themed MMO set at the height of the age of sail in the 18th century, where pirates and imperial navies clashed over trade, colonial dominance, and good ol' pirate booty. And all of this is made possible by their detailed and visually impressive ship combat system, which is widely considered the best handling of ocean vessels in any MMO to date.

This game of adventure on the high seas is relatively young in MMO terms, having just launched one year ago. But since launch the development team at Flying Lab Software has been keeping up a rigorous pace in terms of improving the game with better game systems and new content, producing an average of one robust update per month.

More recently, Flying Lab Studios re-launched Pirates of the Burning Sea as a Free-to-Play game.

Learn more about Pirates of the Burning Sea, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, April 4
Xsyon: Survivor Guy

Tuesday, April 5
Star Wars: The Old Republic: For Better or Worse

Wednesday, April 6
Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Jedi Trooper

Thursday, April 7
Global Agenda: Free Agent Q&A

Friday, April 8
Player Perspectives: Making the Case for Item Decay
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