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ZOS Investigating Invisible Monsters on Xbox Elder Scrolls Online

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Are you playing Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox systems and noticing (or not noticing) invisible monsters? Well, you might not be alone. Several such issues have been reported by Xbox gamers and it seems like Zenimax Online Studios are investigating.

This doesn’t appear to be an inherently new issue. A thread in the official forums dates back to  March 18 where a poster wrote about invisible mobs ever since the Flames of Ambition DLC update released,

“For example, going into Sunspire yesterday we had 4+ people unable to see any of the adds in the very first encounter - the big cats were visible to some, while others could see nothing at all, and some had the invisible enemies becoming visible after 10-20 seconds.”

It was clarified that this issue wasn’t specific to Sunspire. Finally, on March 23, ZOS Community Manager Gina Bruno responded in the thread and noted that the team was currently working through a fix with hopes to include in a future incremental patch.

Sure enough, the recent patch for Xbox One included a line item noting that a fix was issued for a bug which could delay assets and cause enemies to be invisible. However, it seems that the issue wasn't properly fixed. Posters on the forums noted that the issue persisted.

Community Manager Jessica Folsom then chimed in,

“We wanted to confirm that we've seen your messages here about some lingering issues with invisible monsters, boss animations, and boss mechanics visuals not showing after the recent incremental patch. We're investigating - thank you for providing helpful specifics in your posts!”

We’re not sure when a fix may be pushed. But let’s hope the issue is permanently addressed in the next update. Invisible adds aren’t fun. In the meantime, PS4/5 players experienced some pretty significant hitching issues. The team finally were able to put out a fix and shared info on how they plan on making players whole.


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