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ZOS Investigating Elder Scrolls Online Inventory Bugs

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like Outriders isn’t the only game affected by inventory issues. Elder Scrolls Online seems to be suffering from some inventory scrolling and selling issues as well. However, it looks like Zenimax Online Studios are aware and looking into the issues.

The first issue seems to affect the actual selling of inventory items to NPC vendors. As the original post notes, when you sell an item to an NPC, it doesn’t actually disappear from your inventory. If you keep clicking on it to sell, you may end up selling your whole inventory.

That seems like a pretty big deal with several other commentors noting that they were experiencing the same issue. ZOS replied noting that they are currently investigating the issue as April 21. However, this doesn’t seem to be only issue affecting inventory.

As a poster noted on that thread, the issue seems to affect Xbox as well as PS4. But there’s another issue preventing scrolling in your backpack. This issue also has its own thread with the original post noting,

“The Sell screen in the guild store now does not allow scrolling, making it impossible to list items without typing the name.Selling items to the merchant doesn't remove them from the screen. It sells but it still appears there making it very confusing to anyone who can't see what the game is doing.”

ZOS notes again that they’re aware of the issue due to player reports and are investigating as of April 21. If you’re experiencing either of these issues in Elder Scrolls Online, be sure to let Zenimax know on the linked threads above.

These issues precede the launch of Blackwood in June. ZOS has ramped up marketing for that chapter, recently introducing us to one of the companions as part of the new Companion System. Additionally, if you have access to the PTS, Blackwood is available on that environment for you to test.


Poorna Shankar