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Zenith: The Last City's Skyward Summit Update is Coming May 11th, Open Beta Begins Tomorrow

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Skyward Summit,  Zenith: The Last City’s packed next update, with a new region, new lifeskills and updated crafting, player housing, the Cyber Ninja class, and the introduction of PvP, finally has a release date. 

This huge update will begin its open beta for final testing and polish tomorrow, before its release on March 11th. There are also some pre-launch goals that players can complete in order to grab some rewards when the update is out. The event was announced and further elaborated on in the official Zenith Discord. The pre-launch event will be a community event, with three goals that the community will have to collectively hit,with each one unlocking a new reward.

Ramen VR has not revealed the numbers that the community has to hit in order to advance each of the three the goals, preferring to keep those numbers a secret. They will update when the next goal is open, though. Those goals are:

Goal 1) Kill Sylphids - rewarding a Sylphid Slayer title.

Goal 2) Catch Creatures - rewarding a Spring Dingbo pet

Goal 3) Cook Orange Rabbit Smoothies - rewarding a Brimm’s Hat cosmetic 

The Ramen VR  team also revealed the new region of Skyland. The Skyland clip is less than a minute long, and the team reveals that there will be new enemies to fight, new challenges, the whole new zone to explore. If you watch the clip, you’ll get a taste of the territory and an idea how it gets its name.

Skyward Summit now has a launch date, and those who have eligible platforms can get into the open beta starting tomorrow. Now there's finally a release date, expect a short beta followed by a ton of new content, story, and activities. Of course, if you need something to do until then, you can always go slay some Sylphids and help the community.


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