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Zenith: The Last City Update Will Fix Several Issues With Players Getting Stuck, Godstones, and World Events

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The next update for VR MMORPG Zenith: The Last City is all about hotfixes and quality of life updates. The patch will resolve some known issues leading to players getting stuck, errors with godstones, and public events. 

The update will land on the recently-opened Zenith PTR tomorrow, March 9th, before a push to the live servers on Thursday, March 10th. The PTR itself has a new opt-in and sign-in flow for those who decide to switch to the PTR build to test updates. 

The new update is focused on making players’ experience better. Certain bugs have led to some players getting stuck on the loading screen when logging in, or getting stuck in the air in Galian Plains when some players do log in. while Zenith does let you glide and travel around, you’re clearly not meant to just get stuck in the air like that, so this update should take care of both of those bugs.

Continued work on making godstones work properly is here too, with changes covering everything from granting players who leveled up a few times at once and weren’t given the appropriate godstone quantities, to godstones just not staying equipped when a player logged out. A different issue led to godstone nodes not saving allocated points correctly. Both of those issues meant that players had to reassign and equip again when they’d log back in. 

Public events and invasions get some care too, this time with several partial fixes. The issues at hand include defend events where health starts dropping even when enemies weren’t within the defend zone, loss of Zen or Amara’s Tears after logging out, and when Invasions would somehow show success and failure at the same time before simply failing. All three of these do get partial fixes, with presumably more attention to come soon.

There are a few other fixes to quests, as well as additional known issues they’re working on. See the full notes over at Zenith: The Last City.


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