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Zenith: The Last City Unveils New Zone with Patch 1.3.1

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Zenith: The Last City, the virtual reality MMORPG, continues their evolution and expansion with their latest update, Patch 1.3.1. The patch introduces a plethora of changes, including balance adjustments, bug fixes, and an exciting new area for players to explore.

The developers have made significant changes to the Cyber Ninja class, adjusting the major godstone modifiers. The Deadshot modifier now grants a 25% critical chance for 5 seconds on enemy kills, while the Staggerizer modifier has a 40% chance to instantly stagger enemies hit at more than 20 meters. The Hawk-Eyed modifier now has a 75% chance to deal 10% of the player's attack power as damage over 8 seconds for hits over 25 meters. This should boost the Cyber Ninja's attack potential substantially.

The most thrilling part of the update is the unveiling of a new area in Skyland. Players will be introduced to a brand new realm with new obstacles and enemies as the game continues to expand their playable world. This new area introduces new monster types, including Exiled Spellcasters and Exiled Shieldbearers. Adventurous players can also find new catchable creatures and pets, such as the Rockroach and Dazzling Rockroach.

In addition to the new content, the developers have made changes to the Tekbrid Brute, making them easier to fight. They've also added a new mechanic to the grapple hook, allowing players to "push off" from a wall, and resolved several issues that were affecting gameplay.

The developers have expressed that many of these changes have come from player feedback and have promised to make additional necessary adjustments in future updates. While SteamDB puts the peak daily player limit relatively low at around 60 players per day, Zenith has been thriving on VR platforms like the Quest Store. We hope that the continuous updates and improvements will help Zenith: The Last City continue to grow as the VR MMO market matures.

Obviously the patch was large enough that we coudn’t include all changes and updates. To see everything that was updated in the gamehead on over to the official Zenith patch notes. You can also follow Zenith in our weekly Indie MMO Spotlight articles that release every Sunday.


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