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Zenith: The Last City Overhauling Starting Experience, Adding Full Body SteamVR Tracking, Pets, and More

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Zenith: The Last City will be getting its second major patch soon, and the Ramen VR team is currently testing the 1.2 build in open alpha. The update is set to bring pet summons, full body SteamVR tracking support, a new dungeon, a new boss raid, and quality of life changes and additions.

With the update, which the team is aiming for late November, Zenith joins the list of games that have overhauled their new player experiences. We can expect to see The Academy, where the next generation of heroes will begin, and this will include a new intro storyline. There will also be a brand new early-game dungeon added, to let those newcomers or at least, new characters, get into what a VR dungeon in the game feels like. This is set to be the first major mission after the new opening Academy intro.

Full body tracking in SteamVR is coming. This will debut  in the update and the team promises to keep improving network sync and working to keep it all fluid.

You’ll also be able to get out into the world and catch creatures in the wild. Observe them, catch them, and even collect them. This is one way the patch intends to make things more immersive. With the introduction of creatures in the environment, there will also be the ability to summon pets.

They’re introducing a feature that will let you summon creatures and pick one as a companion to adventure with you. With this being a VR MMO and all, the Zenith team is not forgetting the all-important ability to pet them. They’ll likely offer some more details on the update, including just what kinds of creatures to expect in the first wave, but exploration is your friend in a game like this.

If you’re looking for some new challenges, there will be a new Tome Keeper boss raid to take on. The team is also adding new daily and weekly challenges for reward and agent rank rewards. There will also be some flavor additions, like in-game chess, as well as additional camera options and graphics updates for PC.

For more, including how to test the update, head to Zenith: The Last City.


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