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Zenith: The Last City Opens PTR for 1.1.9, With Beachy Cosmetic Gear, Fixes, and New Accessibility Options

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Zenith: The Last City is planning its next minor update for later this month with the patch on PTR beginning today. Ramen VR is eyeing a release from 9/14-20 for the update, which will add some new cosmetic gear, event quests, and fix a number of bugs and make other tweaks.

The plans for this update, 1.1.9, are similar to what was in the last minor update, 1.1.8. with the new Sunshine cosmetic gear pieces, along with some event quests that will let you earn Sunshine coins that you can use to craft yourself some of the new gear. 

Sunshine gear is appropriately yellow in color and summery. While summer is ending soon in the Northern Hemisphere, maybe this gear set will keep everyone feeling a little warmer for longer. The announcement of the gear details does say “You'll be ready for a day at the beach with the new Cosmetic Sunshine Gear”, and it's always warm enough for the beach in a game.

Other changes in the update include a few quality of life updates. Crafting stations will now be disabled when an instance is found instead of when you start matchmaking. This way if you do have to wait, you can still get things done. Another change regarding matchmaking queues involves a popup now showing when a player gets removed after 15 minutes idle. You’ll also be able to see if a friend is online on a different shard. 

The team has added a new accessibility option that will let you toggle the grip button and makes the hold and release sensitivity customizable.

This update will also fix several known issues, including making some invisible mushrooms visible again when cooking. It also fixes some settings, like matchmaking status and equipped godstones remaining as they were when you log out and log back in again.

Ramen VR is also rewarding those players who test the new patch on the PTR for at least four hours, giving a special character title in a future update. Read the notes at Zenith: The Last City.


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