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Zenith: the Last City Marks a Year Since Launch, Talks Next Patch and PSVR2

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Zenith: The Last City will be one of the launch titles for the upcoming PlayStation VR 2 in February, and the team at Ramen VR has dropped a couple of details about this and the next update.

The team is planning for the next update, officially minor patch 1.2.2, for early February, in time for the PSVR2 release. Zenith will be supported via a free upgrade for those who buy PSVR 2. For the game in general, this new update will fix a number of issues and offer some improved moderation and new pets. One of the new pets has been revealed, and it is a baby Arboruht. Like the big Arboruht boss, the baby version is a tinier ent that you can take along with you. Just a whole lot smaller. And cuter. 

Zenith: The Last City is also marking one year since launch. The anniversary comes with a small bonus to claim before February 3rd:  a new title - Celebrated. When the game launched, the demand overloaded capacity. Ramen VR was quickly able to get things back on track and grow the community over time. Most launches are filled with at least some issues, of course, and it’s easier to appreciate looking back from a year on.

Over the course of that year, there has been new content, overhauls and refinements, and getting things more stable. New areas, multiplayer VR dungeon instances, and the addition of new areas and a pet system added to the experience. The team announced early on that they were already profitable, which looks like they hit a sweet spot in what is possible for VR MMORPGs. With an overhauled new player experience and additional ways to play, like full body SteamVR tracking, Zenith: The Last City ended 2022.

For more on the game and features, head to Zenith: The Last City.


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