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Zenith: The Last City Launch Day Servers Down Under Demand, RamenVR Working to Restore Service

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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It’s launch day for Zenith: the Last City, and the VR MMO is seeing some of the usual launch day issues, like high demand and a few errors. The RamenVR team has been responsive, adding more shards due to demand, but now the database provider is blocking more. The team is working to settle the matter and expand access, but the demand certainly points to a lot of interest.

When the game launched, some could not get in but the major issues seemed to creep up, while others were lucky enough to be able to play a bit and had positive feedback. According to feedback on the official Discord and responses to Zenith’s launch tweet, some players when logging in didn’t even see any servers showing up. Again, the RamenVR team is asking for patience while they sort this out and access continued to be sporadic for those who seem to have the louck to get in or even to see a server list when they try

The Zenith team has been addressing this all day since the launch, helping players to get their accounts set up and ready. Once the demand began ramping up, slamming the servers, this was when some were not seeing shards at all, and even getting locked out when trying to switch from one to another with room. 

The team responded to server demand issues by adding additional servers and letting players know in Discord and asking them to be patient. They seemed to also temporarily remove the server change lockout. However,  an update reads “Hi everyone: we’ve been completely blocked by our database provider and are unable to login any more players.“  They then switched to a notice that the servers were all down, along with a new message:

Update: we are still working on it, speaking with the cloud providers right now to get this resolved, thank you for your patience 

.We’ll update if there is more from the Zenith: the Last City  team on what looks like an unsurprising first day launch for anyone following MMOs. For a VR MMO like this, it’s a pretty good sign of where we are and where we might be going.


Christina Gonzalez

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