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Zenith: The Last City Improves Matchmaking, Makes the Celestial Throne Easier to Get to In New Update

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Zenith: The Last City has a new patch that is centered around fixes and makes some tweaks to improve the player experience, including improved matchmaking, new Drift animations and voice lines, and changes to make The Celestial Throne climb clearer.

In a fun addition, Drift has some new animations and voice lines for various regions and languages.

When it comes to matchmaking, after this patch there is an icon for queued players, as well as current matchmaking status as a pop up in the minimap text. When there's a potential match, you will see an instance ready pop up that comes with a countdown to join. If you are queued for longer than 15 minutes, your queue will time out, so if you get a join popup, make sure you join within the new time limit. These should ease matchmaking wait times and make it clear when it’s your turn to join. 

With planned server closures intended to help boost available population for everything including matchmaking potential, these new changes should help with queues and making it simpler to get in and out of them.

Also in the update are changes making The Celestial Throne a little easier to reach by making the path clearer. What this involves is moving some of the platforms and making  others  pause a bit more before they move, and adding some safety options like safety rocks under some of the more dangerous sections that players have been having trouble with. The team also added mines in a couple of sections and adjusted explosion timing.

There are also some minor tweaks to dungeons, including a couple of mandated specific actions completed before certain bosses will spawn.

Recently, Zenith has seen some server stability issues in both the US and Europe, but there’s no word on if this patch affects stabilization.

For more, read the full notes over at Zenith: The Last City.


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