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Zenith: The Last City Gets Some Helpful Additions and Polish and a New In-Game Referral System

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There is a new small update coming to Zenith: The Last City that addresses several quality of life changes, fixing some bugs, and introduces a brand new in-game referral system replaces the one that was functioning on Discord.

The update, which is on the PTR now and will be live on April 18th, will fix a lot of quests, like some that had incorrect prerequisites or weren't able to be completed. Other things like AI and mobs that were sliding around will be a little steadier post update. Synthesis stations that were breaking should work.  and one of the more useful changes should be that the help menu will work properly across all platforms. The list of fixes is long, but a lot of the things that were changed and now working seem similar.

The update to features and the system in the game include a newly polished guild creation UI , better indicators for what you're doing including reward pop-ups for quests, when completing events you'll now see the contribution and reward tier medals, party member count will now be a max of 8 and will now appear on the UI 

Godstones will also show when they are completely leveled and there are also modifier descriptions for items and Godstones. In addition, opening and closing the in-game menu should also be a lot faster for all players. Account creation and keyboard usability are also polished. There’s also needed polish and new options on shard selection, like region filters or sorting by name or population. The next main story quest is now also always displayed in your inventory, and there are extra inventory pages and cosmetic inventory tabs to keep you organized.

Finally, Zenith  has also switched to a new in-game referral system that replaces the one using Discord. You will be able to refer people to Zenith by sending them your own invite code. When you refer a player you'll be able to get one ooint per referral and 10 points for a set of Beater Gear Cosmetics. There will also be a new reward coming for 25 points. Players who already had referrals from the old system will keep their points totals.

Read more about the update over at Zenith: the Last City


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