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Zenith: The Last City Fixes Bugs and Early Game, Adds 23 Side Quests, a Dungeon, a World Boss, and Invasions

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An update for Zenith: The Last City is out today and it adds new endgame content including Overworld dungeons, invasions, and a new tuned world boss. There are new sidequests, a streamlined tutorial, new items, and more in this patch.

The promised in-game alert system is now live, enabling the developers to let everyone know if something like the erver going down is about to happen in order to give them time to log out and not be caught off guard. There are also news and updates on the main menu for easy viewing.

The heart of the update is definitely the new content. Now that RamenVR has done well with post-launch stability, there’s room for adding to the Zenith experience. There are 23 new side quests to go through, for new Quest Giver NPCs, new touchstones with tips that you can find  all around the starter areas. The new player and early game experience also get boosts from a streamlined tutorial and beginning quests. There are new synth stations around the world along with new  items available at those synth stations. 

Endgame content has arrived with overworld dungeons, invasions, and Arboruht, a tuned world boss. Invasion events and the world boss also got some new currency waiting for the victorious. Both of these new currencies are used to get the highest level gear, so you’ll want to gear up and get ready to face the invasions for your rewards. Speaking of items and change, there are new item and godstone modifiers in the patch as well.

Of course, there are both quality of life updates and bug fixes addressed.  A major issue where players were getting stuck logged into servers has been fixed. Godstones now gain XP as intended when players reach level 40. Some Quest and Rift customers encountering a bug that was hanging on an internet connection error should also now be able to log in. In the QoL range, there’s now a guild menu scrollbar and improved feedback on quest objective completion.

For the full patch notes, head over to Zenith: the Last City. 


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