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Zenith: The Last City Devs Talk Launch, Reveal The Cyber Ninja, And Detail 2022 Roadmap

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The RamenVR team is looking ahead for Zenith: The Last City, with a look at a 2022 roadmap for the game, a class reveal, and reflections on launch. 

Zenith: The Last City had a huge launch with so much demand and instability, servers down a lot, and the team announcing several times that they had to work it out with their data partners to increase capacity. This they did, increasing capacity by 15% per server in the end and removed the 24-hour lockout so players could switch their servers for various reasons without having to wait. They've also fixed the login issues that were plaguing the launch as well as some voice chat issues. In the first couple of days they received “over 3,000 support tickets” that they are still working through. They are "absolutely blown away by the reception and also indicate that they know they have a long way to go with the game and are bringing us with them for the 2022 roadmap.

The roadmap is mostly a set of plans and is not their complete list of what they're working on, which they do mention to not create misleading expectations.  Some updates that are coming this month include in-game alerts, including notifications on servers going down and other server-wide things to know. There are 23 new side quests coming, reworked quest for the Fractured Plains to help the early experience,mproved animations, UI improvements, stability, and more.

The rest of 2022 plans include player housing, more life skills and crafting, and the game content, and the reveal of the third class: the Cyber Ninja. The Cyber Ninja was revealed in a separate blog with concept art and this class will fuse magic and technology to create a stealth class for the game. The Cyber Ninja can shoot enemies with a bow at a distance and also might be able to use a hookshot where are the Cyber Ninja can pull itself towards (or away from) enemies or targets.   

The hookshot (still experimental and might change) gives the cyberninja a whole new type of mobility, being able to quickly pull itself towards an enemy for example, drop an explosive, then hookshot to a wall to quickly get out of the way before the explosive turns the monster into a pile of ash.

See the full blog for more on the Zenith: the Last City roadmap and new class announcement.


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