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Zenith: The Last City Announces Some Server Closures, Goes Down Briefly After DDoS Attacks

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Zenith: The Last City has had an eventful 24 hours. The Ramen VR team announced a list of servers that would be closing on August 15th, and then game went down after a series of what were found to be deliberate attacks.

According to the update regarding the server list,  they will be closing a number of servers to improve the player experience and of course to support a healthier and more available population on the servers that remain. Initially, when the game launched, capacity wasn't there but they eventually added more servers and have had a successful run so far. Yet, their infrastructure work means that they can handle more players for longer periods of time on the servers that will remain, hence the decision to shut some of them down and consolidate population.

One of the things to keep in mind is you're not tied to any particular region, so even though some servers are shutting down, players can join any of the remaining open ones at any time. Since players could come and go, the community kept running into issues finding enough population, and this could be a problem especially now that a major update, The Celestial Throne, recently brought the game’s first group dungeons.

Today, it became clear that something was wrong and the servers went down  for several hours. The team promised an update with what happened to cause all the server outages, and it turned out that there were some malicious actions behind it.

According to the update just posted, “Players first reported login issues around 6:30pm PST. The team was alerted and immediately began investigating the issue. The team uncovered that malicious actors attempted to disrupt our service, and deployed fixes to stabilize the servers. The attacks continued off and on until 7:30am PST at which point the team rolled out a final solution to stop them.

To clarify, player data was secure and was not at risk in the attacks.”

Things have been running as normal since, but the team continues to monitor the situation. 


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