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Zenith: the Last City Adds New Event Quests and Cosmetic Gear, Improves Stability, and Accessibility

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Zenith: The Last City has gotten its minor patch 1.19, which brings some new cosmetic gear and event quests, as well as fixes a number of issues.

This patch went through PTR testing recently, with a slightly later than planned final release on Monday. In the update you'll be able to find the new Sunshine cosmetic gear, the latest challenge events that will net you sunshine coins that you can use to craft the new Sunshine collection.

Although here in the Northern Hemisphere, fall is about to begin, Ramen VR has decided to extend summer a little bit with this beachy themed, yellow sunny gear. If you go and find Lia, a new NPC in the plains near Mika, you can start getting the new quest events and daily quests that will get you the Sunshine coins. There's also a new synthesis station that you can use once you have enough to craft the cosmetic gear. 

It's not all beachy cosmetics here, there are a number of quality of life changes and bug fixes, as well as an accessibility change. Those accessibility changes come in the form of making both grip and hold and release sensitivities customizable.

The patch also makes it so that crafting stations get disabled only after an instance is found instead of when you queue, giving an option to pass some time while waiting. There’s a new “Emergency Focus UI” mode to help you if you find yourself stuck in terrain. This lets you quickly pull up the menu in focus mode. You’ll also now be able to see if a friend is online but on another shard. Since Zenith shards come with built in flexibility, this could make grouping easier too.

They’ve also addressed godstones not being saved on logout, some loot chests not spawning, and also improved server stability.

For the full notes, head over to Zenith: The Last City.


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