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Zenith Tests Upcoming Core Architectural Upgrades on PTR as an Integral 'Minor Update'

Steven Weber Posted:
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The future of Zenith will depend on core architectural upgrades, according to the team at RamenVR. To that end the developers have released a new architectural update that's ready for testing on the Public Test Realm. The implementation of the new architecture will allow for more interactive gameplay features in the future.

Zenith has pushed their next minor update to the PTR, with a tentative release to the live game on the 25th of May. In the latest update, patch 23728, players probably won’t notice too many new features, but according to the patch notes in the official blog, this update is paramount to the future of Zenith.

In this update, we made much needed core architectural upgrades to Zenith's backend system. A strong and robust backend architecture is crucial to an interconnected real-time experience like Zenith. The upgrades will allow us to implement more of the interactive gameplay features that we've all been dreaming of, plus improve gameplay and networking performance over time. As a whole, this will improve our behind the scenes work and "quality of life" as developers so we can build the game faster too.

-Zenith Blog Post 

To make testing easier, RamenVR has also implemented an expanded character copy feature, which will allow new users accessing the PTR to copy their live game characters over, and not need to use staging characters, or brand-new characters during testing. There were also a few minor updates and bug fixes to the game. One noticeable change will be a new limit to godstones. Players will now be limited to 30 godstones per ability, but the team has also added a “clear low level godstone” option, to ensure that players can easily remove all low level godstones quickly.

Zenith released earlier this year in January, and is available on SteamVR, Oculus, and Playstation VR. Currently the game’s daily active playerbase is down substantially on Steam, with only around a peak of 70 players jumping into the game per day. This is down from their all time high of just over 4000 players on launch. While these numbers could sound disheartening, Zenith is available on multiple platforms, and hopefully their ongoing development will spur more interest in the game as it evolves.


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