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Zenith, Kickstarted Cyberpunk VR MMO, Shares Pre-Alpha Footage, Update on Alpha

Pre-alpha wrapping up this month

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Remember Zenith? It’s that Kickstarted cyberpunk VR MMO in development. They’ve just issued a new dev blog, in addition to sharing some pre-alpha footage.

If your recall the team behind the game, Ramen VR, raised over $280,000 in their campaign. Recently, they released their May dev update. Andy from the team recaps a few updates, including two new team members.

Additionally, Zenith is now on all major PC HMDs (head mounted displays). Andy states all major technical hurdles are behind them, as the have officially started working on the alpha. Lore and more has been specced out.

Finally, he shows off some pre-alpha footage. Note, this is still in development, but Andy stresses that it’s fully functional. It features combat, new weapons, and physics. You can check out the video of this pre-alpha footage below.

Pre-alpha will be wrapping up at the end of this month which will allow the team to focus on the alpha.


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