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Zenith: Infinite Realms Opens New Season, Frostrealm, With New Biome, New Lighting Magic, and New Boss

New cosmetics, new Adventure Gate layouts, and even new Unique gear also arrives

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Zenith: Infinite Realms Season 2: Frostrealm, is now live. The new season adds a brand new biome to the game, a new boss, and additional features like lightning gesture magic, and some new cosmetics.

The session-based co-op adventure VR title resets all progress at the end of a season, which means all character levels, skill trees, and skill points will start fresh. Those who've been playing since season 1 began, this is the first Collective reset you'll experience. The Ramen VR team explained the process recently to make sure that you know that your seasonal progress isn't for nothing even with the resets. Your character level in the previous season will translate as what they call “Season Level Prestige, and any Unique gear you acquire will turn into a cosmetic version. You’ll also keep anything you purchased as-is. 

As you might guess from the title, the new biome is freezing. There are also three new Adventure Gate layouts and a new Pandowl Gate winter biome layout. With a new season comes a new Unique armor set to get your hands on, and some new cosmetic sets in the shop, Pirate Bandit, and Navarre Armor. 

One of the new features this season is the addition of lightning Elemental branches to the skill tree. This means that you'll be able to cast lightning magic as part of your kit should you learn these new skills. Maybe this will come in handy for the new boss the team has added for all to discover and challenge.


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With the update, the team has improved a number of issues, including reducing memory usage and load times. They've also made some changes to improve proximity chat while you're in the city and on the islands in Infinite Realms. For VR MMORPG Zenith: The Last City, there are also a few performance improvements. 


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