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Zenith Devs Show off Upcoming Instanced Dungeon, The Seething Depths, and Talk Upcoming Content

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Zenith: The Last City continues development, with Ramen VR releasing a sneak peek at The Seething Depths, an upcoming 4-person mid-level instanced dungeon, and updating on what else is to come.

Ramen VR is in the middle of growth, but Zenith: the Last City has a roadmap of plans to expand upon. The next major content update is tentatively scheduled for late June, according to a post via the official Zenith Discord with a short clip from the dungeon (and shared here as well). That is an internal date and it will include planned large content updates and a number of backend changes that will help the team continue the game's growth and take everything to the next level as they prepare for the rest of 2022.

But let's talk dungeons. The Seething Depths is for four players and because it is instanced, there will be a new system running: “our entirely new NOScript system which allows us to create tactile and networked interactions with the environment allowing for group puzzles and new and exciting interactions that were previously impossible to create in Zenith”. This instanced dungeon looks to be the first of many new options and experiences coming to Zenith

Plans for the dungeon include those interactive puzzles along with other challenges that will lead the group to an epic boss fight. When it comes to loot, for victory you'll be able to get items that are exclusive to The Seething Depths. In the preview, we see the environments with poisonous gas and boiling water and the dungeon taking place inside a sunken cave. Now because the game is a VR game, you'll have to  navigate the dangers and figure out the challenges in order to succeed. But you'll be doing it in first-person VR.

The Ramen VR team promises more info and more reveals about upcoming and planned instanced content in the coming weeks. With that major update aimed for late June, we’ll be sure to get more info on all of that content and changes too.

Head over to the Zenith: The Last City site for more.


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