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ZeniMax Media's Founder And CEO, Robert A. Altman, Has Passed Away

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ZeniMax Media's Founder and CEO, Robert A. Altman, has passed away according to Bethesda's official Twitter account. He was 74.

The news of Altman's passing was first reported by the official Twitter account of Bethesda, one of the companies under the ZeniMax Media umbrella. The team at Bethesda shared a touching tribute to Altman, showcasing the type of leader he was, especially during the pandemic. Staff at the companies that work under ZeniMax also took to Twitter, sharing their thoughts on Altman, remembering him fondly.

The Elder Scrolls Online's creative director, Rich Lambert, also took to Twitter, stating he is "stunned and crushed" by the news, praising Altman not just for his leadership, but also for his humanity.

ZeniMax Media, which was recently bought by Microsoft for $7.5B, is the creator of franchises such as The Elder Scrolls as well as the current creators of the Fallout franchise, and more. Altman co-founded ZeniMax with Bethesda Softworks founder Christopher Weaver in 1999. Since its founding, the studios under the ZeniMax umbrella has gone on to win critical and public acclaim, as well as multiple awards over the years, as well as caretakers of multiple IPs, such as Wolfenstein, Dishonored and DOOM

Our deepest condolences go out to the Altman and ZeniMax family during this time.


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