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Zen Archer Class Arrives In Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Today, Blade & Soul has added their new Zen Archer class to their martial arts-inspired MMORPG. Along with the new class, the Storm of Arrows update also brings with it a new dungeon, raid and new legendary items for your warrior to take full advantage in their journey.

Ed was recently able to go hands-on with the and came away impressed, calling it a "dungeon master in the making." According to a press release on the announcement:

The Zen Archer is a deadly warrior that can channel either light or wind to enhance their attacks. Primarily a damage-focused class, the Zen Archer must find a balance on the battlefield to enhance their attacks with extra damage. The Zen Archer can opt for a skill that allows them to move while firing their deadly volleys, for the ultimate mobility.

In addition to the new archer class, the update also includes a new dungeon, Cathedra Cliffs, a new 12-player raid called Throne of Oblivion, as well as new challenges, events and legendary gear to help you along your journey.

You can check out the full patch notes and update details on the Blade & Soul website.


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