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Zealous Oathkeeper is the 9th Mastery Coming with the Forgotten Gods Expansion

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The Grim Dawn forums has the latest Misadventures, this time focused on more content coming with the Forgotten Gods expansion. Players will find the 9th mastery in the form of the Zealous Oathkeeper. "All Oathkeepers have two things in common: Unflinching loyalty and zealous fury" the post reads.

The post reveals some of the skills that will be available to Oathkeepers:

Let’s take a quick look at some of the skills available to Oathkeepers: Please note that as the mastery is still under development, the following information may change by release.

Aegis of Menhir The shield is not just a form of defense for an Oathkeeper. In trained hands, it is a deadly weapon. With sufficient training, the Aegis will bounce from the initial target to additional nearby foes before returning to you and include a portion of your retaliation damage with each strike. Pledge your soul to Dreeg and turn the Aegis into a vector for the Great Guardian’s suffering.

Vire’s Might What better way to show your stalwart faith than to charge into your enemies and leaving them scattered? Vire’s Might mechanically functions like the Rush archetype revealed with our new Rune Augments, but it carries an additional twist. With sufficient training, Vire’s Might will also leave a line of flames behind to incinerate any foes that remain standing.

Shattering Smash This weapon pool proc shatters the very earth underneath your target and beyond, exposing all struck to further physical harm. New Mechanics With the introduction of the Oathkeeper mastery in Forgotten Gods, you will see two new mechanics on skill and item tooltips: Increased Healing: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Whenever you received any form of healing, be it life steal or potion or a skill, this attribute will increase the healing received by that %. Retaliation Damage added to Attack: Just as a portion of Weapon damage can be added to certain attacks, in Forgotten Gods you will see some skills synergize with Retaliation damage by adding a portion of your Retaliation effects. The first example of this is the Aegis of Menhir above!

Read the full post, including a ton of background lore, by visiting the Grim Dawn forum.


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