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Zeal is a New ARPG with MMORPG Elements - See How It Looks

Suzie Ford | Updated: Jul 31, 2018 6:10 AM | Posted: Jul 31, 2018 5:59 AM
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Zeal is an upcoming indie ARPG with MMO elements being developed by Lycanic Studios. It features instanced PvP modes, PvE, Conquest mode and much more. The game is currently in pre-alpha testing, but players are able to stream the game so that you can get a look at how development is progressing. 

Zeal’s combat depends on strategy, positioning, reaction speed, aiming and teamwork.

As players thrive to master their build, they must read enemy strategies quickly, trying to predict their enemy depending on what kind of spells they use while synergizing with their teammates.

Fast-paced combat and realistic physics allow Zeal to keep up the feeling of fluid gameplay. Dynamic weather, environmental destruction, adaptive AI and many other features will await you in game.

There are "up to" 15 classes in the game: Brute, Judicator, Naturalist, Wizard, Shaman, Outlaw, Ranger, Witch, Cultist, Lancer, Shapeshifter, Beastmaster, Cleric & Exile. Each has its own role in the game and provides players with a wide variety of ways to experience Zeal. Each class will feature "profound customization options" including a variety of weapon styles, abilities, stats and perks. Classes are also role-agnostic.

Playtesting has started, with a KickStarter campaign coming in September. The goal is to see Closed Alpha in late 2018, Closed Beta in early 2019 and release in Q2 2019.

Check out the Zeal page to learn more. You can check out replays of recent streams on Twitch.

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