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Your Uncle Frost is Visiting in Albion Online - Plus a Year End Update from Sandbox Interactive

He is your Uncle, right? If not, should we call someone?

Steven Weber Posted:
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It’s that time of year where families get together, and in Albion Online that family includes Uncle Frost, who brings gifts to all who defeat him. Doesn’t he sound like every uncle in existence?

With the Yuletide Challenge underway, everyone’s favorite belligerent uncle has returned and brings plenty of gifts, including a Yule Stag Mount skin for those that defeat him at the end of a solo or group dungeon. Like most uncles, he’s also providing ample amounts of fireworks and snowballs to all players who log in prior to December 30th.

Increased Fame will also be awarded during the week long Fame-Boost that will begin December 23rd and will end December 30th. Players will gain 25% increased fame during this time. Lastly, if you’d like to get caught up on what Albion has done this year, check out the year-end update from Game Director Robin Henkys.

Albion Online has recently started a new guild season, and their Rise of Avalon patch brought some welcome balance changes to the game. If you have a few spare moments, it wouldn’t hurt to drop in and spend some time with your Uncle Frost, it is the holidays after all.


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