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Your No Man's Sky Companion Now Correctly Defends You as Part of Experimental Branch Patch

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Following the recent companion update to No Man’s Sky, developer Hello Games has pushed out several fixes in the experimental branch, including one which now sees your companion defend you from other creatures.

This update on the experimental branch also addresses a PC-specific memory leak when alt-tabbing or when you changed your resolution. There were also several crashes fixed pertaining to companions. Additionally, the companions of other players won’t collide with you in multiplayer.

A previous experimental branch patch brought along a host of fixes including:

  • Fixed an issue with cloud rendering when taking screenshots in VR.
  • Fixed a texture rendering issue.
  • Fixed a number of crashes related to terrain rendering.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when rendering trails in VR.
  • Fixed an issue that caused companion species to be listed incorrectly when viewed in the Companion Manager.
  • Fixed an issue that prevent creatures from being harvested by the Livestock Unit.

For more on how to opt into this experimental branch, check out the patch notes here.


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