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You Will Soon be Able to Join the Ranks of the Pioneer Scouts & Equip Moddable Backpacks

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When the next Fallout 76 update goes live on May 7th, players will be able to join up with the Pioneer Scouts! In the days before the Great War, only children could belong. Today, however, membership is open to all. Those who join will be able to set off on a number of quests to "demonstrate their core values: kindness, helpfulness, bravery, and growth". Players can even earn badges in cooking, swimming, archery, and athletics to name a few. Badges can then be traded for themed C.A.M.P. items.

Pioneer Scouts will also be able to head over to Camp Adams to sit around a campfire to listen to spooky stories that are luckily tailored to Tadpoles and Possums so even the most nervous of scouts should be able to handle it.

Update 9 will also include the addition of backpacks, a new functional addition to Ever Upwards. They can be equipped to increase carry weight and can be customized and modded "to fit your fashion sense and personal tastes". 

You can also apply one of several functional mods to your backpack so that it’s better suited to the needs of your next big excursion. A few of the mods you that you can learn to craft include: increased carry capacity (it is a backpack, after all), armor plating for more damage resistance, and even a refrigeration unit, which will give any food within some added shelf-life. However, many of these utility mods will take up some space once installed, and will reduce some of the bonus storage your backpack provides.

The best part is that backpacks will remain visible at all times, even over outfits and armor, though not while wearing Power Armor. 

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