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You Must Choose Sides in the New Sea of Thieves Adventure, Lost Sands, is Out Today

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The newest Adventure for Sea of Thieves is out today with the new update. Rare has a guide on what you should know before you have to make some important choices in Lost Sands.

Lost Sands continues the story from where we were last time, with the shrouding of Golden Sands Outpost in the previous Adventure, The Shrouded Deep. Golden Sands was once a beautiful and popular port, a place to take a rest and grab some drinks and gossip, but now it sits lost. That's where you come in. 

The residents of Golden Sands have been rallied by Merrick, late of taking on Megalodons in the last adventure. Merrick successfully helped send Captain Flameheart back into retreat. With the Veil of the Ancients artifact in Belle’s hands after Pendragon delivered it, it was still missing Veil Stones, its source of power.

Merrick’s involvement gives him a taste of adventure, as well as some insight into a potential plan to help clear the fog around Golden Sands. So he's trying to rally the people to work with him. However, this creates a conflict with the Servant of the Flame and The Reaper’s Bones. If Golden Sands is restored, it means that the Reapers didn't follow instructions and the Servant will be out to make sure those orders are complied with. 

The update out today, you will have to choose whether you're going to help Merrick or not. When you begin the Adventure, you'll have to choose which path you follow. Your decision will impact whether Golden Sands will fall for good or returns to prosperity. This will continue the narrative content that Sea of Thieves has been building through its series of interconnected Adventures this year so far. 

For more on Lost Sands, and the different sides you can choose to support, head to Sea of Thieves. 


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