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You Can Wave To Get NPC's Attention In VR MMO Zenith: The Last City


Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Zenith: The Last City is showing off a new way to interact with its NPCs today. Turns out, simply an act of waving will get their attention. 

In a video posted to the Oculus subreddit, Zenith developer RamenVR showed a "new way to interact with NPCs" in the MMO itself. It seems instead of walking up to them and pressing a button to interact is a thing of the past, with Zenith leaning into what can make VR immersive: literal waving.

It's something seemingly obvious, but literally waving to NPCs to get their attention will seemingly add a semblance of "being there" to the world. For me, it hits rather close to home - at PAX a few years back one of the first things myself and our associate editor Shank did without even needing to communicate was wave to each other in VR. It's a simple gesture for sure, but appreciated. Though the NPC might have reacted more to the fire literally being dropped at their feet as well?

Zenith: The Last City recently delayed its upcoming alpha again, this time launching the test on July 24th, assuming the schedule holds. Hopefully players can do their best James May impression when the alpha opens up later this month. 


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