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You Can Vote for The Crowfall Creators of the Year

Four total categories

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Voting is underway for the Best Crowfall Creator of the Year. Be sure to cast your vote.

The voting was announced on the official Crowfall forums. There are four total categories for Creator of the Year include:

  • Creator of the Year
  • Sentinel of the Year
  • War Story of the Year
  • Crow Spirit of the Year

Creator of the Year is awarded to, “outstanding development of ongoing content that continued to evolve with the player experience over time.” Sentinel is awarded to a creator who provided, “gameplay tips, guides, and coaching for new and veteran players that evolved with the player experience over time.”

War Story is awarded to a creator for outstanding development of War Stories. Finally, Crow Spirit is awarded to the creator who, “continuously kept the community entertained, informed, engaged, passionate and never bored throughout the year.”

Rewards include the following:

  • Creator of the Year: 1 Year VIP Sub
  • Other category winners: 3 Month VIP Sub

Finally, all winners will receive a digital Crowfall Creator icon which includes the name of the category they won. You have until January 24 at 12a CST to cast your vote.


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