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You Can Soon Claim Tymora's Gift in Neverwinter

Starts April 30

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You can claim Tymora’s Gift in Neverwinter starting this Thursday, April 30. Here are the details.

Tymora is described as the goddess of luck and victory, and she’s apparently giving out a gift which you can claim starting Thursday, April 30. The claim period is set to end on May 7 at 10a PT. But what exactly is this gift?

The gift appears to be the Amphail Fancy Horse in exchange for 40 Favors of Tymora. You can grab Favors of Tymora in Gift of Tymora or alternatively if you want to fork over your real cash in the market place.

If you want to earn the Gift of Tymora, one can drop randomly from enemies you’ve defeated, in addition to containing one of Tymora’s Spinning Coin, Coin Storm Vanity Pet, Fool’s Fashion Set, Fools Crown, Lucky Coin, Rough Astral Diamonds, Tymora’s Blessing Enchantment, Profession Resources, or Potions.

As for the Amphail Fancy Horse, it’s set to increase your mounted movement speed by 50%. However, it’s worth noting that you can be dismounted if you suffer three hits in five seconds, or lose 10% or more of your HP in a single attack.


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