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You Can Schedule Your Wedding in Revelation Online

Meet the requirements

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You can now schedule your own wedding in Revelation Online, provided you meet certain requirements.

If you want to plan and schedule your own wedding, you’ll need to be in a pact, have 520 Rainbow Clouds, 1314 Heartlink Stones, and be in a team with your pact member. At this time, it looks like only players of opposite genders can get married.

If you meet the requirements, you’ll want to heath to Eastern Trade Region of Sulan and talk to Liamwyn. You can find Liamwyn next to a portal to Hotsprings. Talk to Liamwyn and select Arrange Wedding. You’ll be presented with information with what a wedding can have. Select Crystalline Wedding.

After you selected this, you’ll see the Set Wedding Ceremony UI. Here, you’ll see some details for your wedding, and will have to select from the following options:

  • The atmosphere of your Wedding, allowing you to choose between Daylight, Evening or Nighttime.
  • Please note this will only change the venue’s lighting and not the lightning for the Patrol.
  • Best Man’s Suit
  • Bridesmaid’s Dress

You can then select a time and date for your wedding. You can invite up to 80 players as well, regardless of server. You can check out the full details, including the rewards, here.


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