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You Can Play Hunter's Arena: Legends for Free This Weekend

Play for free through August 31

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’ve been interested in checking out Hunter’s Arena: Legends, you’ll have your chance this weekend as the team runs a free play weekend.

The free weekend is live now and running through August 31 at 4p ET. If you’re unfamiliar with Hunter’s Arena: Legends, it combines elements from RPG, MOBA and many other different video game genres into a unique take on action fighting game. The game is currently in Early Access and features 12 distinct characters that players can utilize to strategize and overcome their opponents while taking advantage of the environment and skill sets.

There are several game modes currently in the game including Battle Royale Solo – a 60-player game mode with a single winner, Battle Royale Trio – a 60-player game mode played in a team of 3, Tag Match – a 1v1 game mode available for dueling, and Free for All – a deathmatch-based mode based on high score.

If you want to purchase Hunter’s Arena: Legends after this free play weekend concludes, you’ll be able to buy it for 30% off until September 3, according the accompanying press release. Jump in if you’re interested in checking out the game.


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