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You Can Now Buy LOTRO's Mini-Expansion With LOTRO Points

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Previously only available with cold-hard cash through the Standing Stone Games' website, long-time Lord of the Rings Online players who waited until they could spend their LOTRO points can finally pick up the content via the in-game LOTRO store.

The mini-expansion, which launched late last year, continues the story being told in the North through the Dwarvish lands leading into the eventual Gundabad expansion, expected later this year. The War of Three Peaks is being offered for 1995 LOTRO Points in the store, which actually translates to more than the $20 asking price when you consider 1600 LOTRO Points are $19.99 in the store (and there isn't a way to buy just 1995 - you either get 1600 or spend $34.99 on 3150 points).

The War of Three Peaks in the in-game store also doesn't include any of the cosmetics it seems from the Collector's Edition or Ultimate Fan Bundle being offerred for $59.99 and $99.99 respectively. It is just the base Standard Edition, which opens up the Elderslade region, up to 250 quests and the new Elderslade Missions which open up to players starting at level 20.

Lord of the Rings Online's mini-expansion hasn't been without controversy, with many in the community seeing the content as just a regular, normal update being sold to VIP and Free to Play players alike as a way to nickle and dime the playerbase. Either way, if you've been hoarding those points, you can now grab it in the store and adventure on in the North.


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