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You Can Design the Next 'Champions Online' Developer Costume

Rewards galore

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Champions Online team is giving you the opportunity to design the next developer costume. Here’s how it works.

On August 28 at 3:30p PT, the community team will invite you, the community, to show off your costume design for their Writer and Community Manager, Ambassador Kael. The reason being that he apparently has not made a costume yet, saying, “I don't have all the costume pieces unlocked! How could I possibly create the majesty in my mind?"

Should you wish to take part, there are a few things to remember. Kael will pick the winner. He’ll also create an Imgur Album containing some of his favorite costumes from various comics and TV. The team also cautions that meme costumes, tiny, and giant costumes possibly may not be selected.

Judging will take place on August 28 at 3:30p PT on their Twitch Channel and Facebook Page. Top three winners will receive:

  • Gold Foil Voucher: Costumes
  • Purple Foil Voucher: Costume Box
  • Contest Special Item Voucher
  • 2 Dev Tokens
  • Unique Title: "Masked Rider"

The next 10 Honorable mentions will receive:

  • Purple Foil Voucher: Costumes
  • Purple Foil Voucher: Costume Box
  • 2 Dev Tokens

Good luck!


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