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You Can Claim a Free Horse in Red Dead Online

Plus other rewards and bonuses

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’re looking for a new mount in Red Dead Online, well you’re in luck.

This week includes a free Treasure Map for players that complete either a Trader or Moonshine Sale this week. You can grab a reward for 25 free Trader Goods for all Traders who log in this week, and a Reward for one free Mash Refill for Moonshiners who likewise log in this week.

A free Horse (Rank 40 or lower) for any player that reaches Rank 5 or above in any Role this week, plus Stable Stalls are 30% off this week are also in play.

Limited-Time Clothing additions to the Catalogue include The Tasman Outfit, The Danube Outfit, Morning Tail Coat, Benbow Jacket, Squat Stovepipe Hat, Gator Hat, Manteca Hat, Gardenia Hat, Plaid Cap, Hitched Skirt, Tied Pants, Carver Pants, Woodland Gloves, Ortega Vest, Strickland Boots, Calhoun Boots and limited-edition colorways of the Patterned Bandana.

Prime Gaming Benefits for players that connect to Prime Gaming include a free Single Bandolier, plus Offers for 50% off a Double Bandolier, 50% off the Deluxe Campfire, and 30% off the Improved Bow.

Additional Prime Gaming Benefits include a free Katata Coat, 6,000 Naturalist XP, a free Wilderness Camp, and 5 free Legendary Animal Pheromones for players that connect their Social Club account with Prime Gaming


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