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You Can Check Out Your 2020 EVE Online Achievements in a Personalized Video

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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2020 was a pretty busy year for EVE Online. Because of that, you can check out everything you accomplished in game through a personalized video.

You can actually select which activities you’d like to feature and share it using #MyEVE2020. You’ll need to be an active Omega pilot to be eligible for the video, of course. If you’re interested, you can start here.

This seems like a pretty cool way to conclude the year that was 2020 for pilots especially after some pretty hectic botting. The dev team even put out a warning in their 2020 recap trying to inform players about bots writing,

“No EVE Ecosystem post would be complete without discussion of bots and RMT. Please don't buy ISK from RMTers and don’t let your friends buy ISK from RMTers, either. Botting and RMT negatively affect everyone. Thank you all for reporting bots, the in-game bot reporting tool is being prepared for further improvement.”


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